The Most Unpleasant Person You Know

im avery im the worst person

Over a 13-month period in the late 1980s, [Pervert Dave] killed two people. One was a guy known as Wheelchair Skip, an amputee roommate in Inglis he shot six times during an argument over money.

Six months earlier, [Wheelchair Skip] had fired a sawed-off shotgun at an imaginary intruder, instead hitting a 5-year-old girl in the face; she was not seriously injured.

Though [Pervert Dave] never had children, he married at least three times, including a short-lived marriage to a 17-year-old when he was 32. (While this seems to be a potential source for Pervert, friends say he was given the name much earlier in life.)

He was adept at engraving images into wood, including a skeleton riding a motorcycle.


i hope theres more puppies this summer look i was covered in puppies

thats so many puppies

a list of shit that i need to get did mostly for my own benefit

  • Univ final presentation
  • Arts491 final presentation
  • Chinese History research paper
  • that other chinese history paper
  • oh shit that univ paper that was due a bazillion years ago but i need to hand in at some point so i can graduate
  • Expanded Cinema research paper

oh man i am fuuuucked

man fuck computers, yo

I’m in the hospital. My dick ruined 4 20 day. End transmission.